HELLO I'm London Baker

Full-Stack Javascript Developer


I am currently enjoying life in Atlanta, GA. I have a background in the Insurance and Financial services industries, however I am now pursuing my passion in software development.

It is my belief that whatever you strive to do in life should be filled with passion and a sense of fulfillment. In software development, I have found both. It is my goal to continue to hone my craft and learn at every opportunity.

In my free time, I enjoy reading and keeping up with the latest trends in technology. Thank you for checking out my site.


Image sharing app web development


Photo Sharing Application that follows the CRUD method and has a
RESTful API. Users are also able to comment on other user's posts.

transformers wonderwoman spiderman


RESTful Movie Review blog that links to Fandango and IMDB.
Once authenticated a user can add, edit and delete posts.

Live Code
London Baker web developer


Educational application utilizing the GeoIP API in order to return
Wikipedia articles based on the user's geographical location.

Live Code
London Baker web developer


User facing front-end built for client. This single page application
cycles through items on click and displays in the "hero" element.
Utilizes Bootstrap 4 and material design on the front end in addition to
jQuery and Node.js.

Live Code
London Baker web developer


Responsive single page application utilizing Vue.js.
This application also employs Bootstrap 4 and material design on the front end.
This page is fully responsive and has a dynamic color scheme.

Live Code
London Baker web developer


High quality landing page for prospective client.
Animations completed with CSS and JQuery.

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